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Willful ~ autonomous, intentional, purposeful, conscious

Woman ~ a person who identifies as an independent woman or person

Willful has a history of negative connotations, particularly when in reference to women. Willful is defined as someone who may be considered determined, intentional, or purposeful to do as one wants. If you are considered full of will, meaning you have a strong desire, purpose or inclination to do something that what you want and know is right for you... isn’t that a good thing?

So, in my eyes, being intentional, strong, independent, purposeful, and conscious are all wonderful qualities that women can possess! As a result, Willful Women was born to provide a new feminist perspective on women’s health, education, and the health and wellness space that aligns with the idea of modern women and and their modern needs.

Head over to @thewillfulwomen on instagram to get weekly empowering women's health education. Want to learn more then feel free to schedule a free 30-minute consultation call. 

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